Let Us Connect You to the Things That Matter!

Connection and communication are essential for business success today. Along with telephones and security systems, wireless and wired technology means that teams can work cohesively, share information readily, and continue to move toward business success through cooperation. Setting up the structured cabling system for your company’s needs will give you the tools and support you need, but that means finding the right cabling company to work with for your cabling hardware, software, and installation solutions. MCC is also licensed California IT contractor. We can plan, design, install, and test your wired, wireless, or hybrid network infrastructure. After installation, our team is also available to maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade your system, as needed. As a well-established installation contractor, we offer quality cable system management, thorough documentation, marking the cables, and computer-aided design. Our innovative team is dedicated to designing the simplest, yet most efficient communication system for your needs.

Let us connect you to the things that matter! Whether you’re remodeling your existing office, expanding for more square-footage, or bringing your business to Monterey for the first time, Monterey Computer can provide the communications wiring connections you require. We take the same approach whether you need 4 cables or 1400. Our installation services include data centers, network hardware, outside plant services, CATV and IP based video surveillance systems.

Contact Monterey Computer Corporation office today to discuss your floor plan and installation timeline. From there we will schedule a no-cost site survey with a member of our dedicated Sales & Estimating Team.


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