Partially Managed Services

For businesses that already have an internal IT team in place, managed services providers can be available to fill any gaps. It might be assistance with more complex situations that are beyond their skill level, routine tasks such as security or backups, or extra support during leave or heavy workload periods. Partially managed IT services lets you choose which tasks you need help with and when.

Fully Managed Services

For many small to mid-sized businesses, it can be more efficient and economical to utilize a managed service provider for all IT tasks. Providing the insight and expertise necessary to keep your business technology running smoothly 24/7, a reputable MSP can deliver services that an in-house IT team may struggle to match. Pricing is usually charged per user, but in some cases, billing per device may be more suitable.

Managed Infrastructure

Managed infrastructure covers the ongoing support and maintenance of network hardware such as routers, firewalls, servers, and wireless equipment. Suited to businesses on a tighter budget, or who have an internal team who can handle other day-to-day IT requests, managed infrastructure can be there to support routine device tasks and free up your staff resources. Ad-hock help desk support for other tasks is also available when it is needed.

Co-Managed IT Services

A true partnership! A Co-Managed IT partnership can leverage your existing IT skillset and provide only the support you need, allowing you to focus on your businesses core objectives. HD IT can wrap our co-managed services around your existing capabilities, providing you support where you need it most. You will have access to professional, dedicated technology experts who understand your business, your systems, and your applications.

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