IT Service Desk

The Best Technical Resources to Resolve Any Challenge

Relax knowing that your technical desktop issues are supported with experts that can handle all your IT requirements from server configuration and maintenance to back up and disaster recovery.

Streamline your IT management, with readily available support that ensures optimal management of your infrastructure hardware, software, and network systems.

It doesn’t matter if your users are onsite or remote, we will give you the best technical resources to resolve any challenge as they occur.

Our Managed IT service desk and on-site support are provided by certified and experienced local engineers. Our capabilities include monthly reporting, multiple points of entry by phone, email or advanced remote management tools that diagnose IT issues in real time.

Armed with the best service desk software available on the market, our team resolves more than just issues, they identify the underlying cause and impact of problems to prevent them happening again.

When you have an issue, don’t get frustrated by “figuring out” how to contact us. We provide you with one number to contact us and aim to resolve your issue at the first point of contact. This will put you directly in contact with the support team and have your issues solved at that point of call.

We work with you and your team to determine exactly what it is required. We understand that sometimes clients pay for more than what they use purely based off the notion of ensuring scalability. That is something that is completely misconceived about an IT provider, instead we would identify exactly what it is your company currently requires, with us monitoring the back end, the necessary capacity adjustments for you to base any upgrade upon is readily determined before it becomes a bottleneck problem. MCC can keep management appraised of any potential upgrades that may be needed.

With our Managed IT service desk, you receive a monthly or quarterly update that reports on your usage, systems health, issues, and recommendations. We aim to transparently keep you informed so there are no surprises. Monthly reports are necessary from IT providers for many reasons. When your current IT provider is not updating your monthly reports on how your infrastructure contract is progressing, from the calls and issues resolved, through to the monitoring, then you need to change your IT provider.

We understand that sometimes a phone call isn’t the most convenient way of responding to issues. If the issue is not necessarily classified as a high priority for your business, we provide alternatives in communicating with us.

Some issues need immediate or quick resolution. We have an escalation process to ensure your issue is taken by the relevant level engineer to have it resolved as quickly as possible. 

We know the importance of having a range of support options. But what about ensuring consistency? Throughout the year, we make sure that your team is supported, and your systems are managed accordingly. This is achievable with our active Remote Monitoring tools. 

We often have new clients approach us because they are frustrated with their current IT. Our personal aim is making sure that your business receives the highest level of service, especially during the critical time-periods. 

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