Device Management

We as a Team Can Plan Your Deployment Needs and Options

Monterey Computer Corporation Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software gives your IT teams visibility and control required to secure, manage, and monitor any corporate-owned or employee-owned devices that access corporate data.


Microsoft Autopilot and Windows 10 lets you provide zero-touch deployment for users, reducing the effort on IT teams to roll out a traditional SOE. Individual applications are packaged and deployed via Intune, customized for the specific staff member. All an end user needs are their credentials and an internet connection!


Intune lets BYOD organizations deploy applications, without joining a computer to the domain and becoming a fully managed device. You can easily roll out business applications and ensure all devices joining a network have the right security. Give staff the flexibility they want while controlling software versions, licensing, security, and central access.
Monterey Computer can help your organization create, deploy, and maintain an SOE. Creating an SOE usually involves building an image with a standard operating system and set of applications, testing with a pilot group, and then rolling out to all devices on the network.

Our staging facilities and team of national field service technicians are available for large rollouts of new devices. An SOE can also be deployed on-premises using customer infrastructure.

We as a team can plan with your business about your deployment needs and options. This way we can plan a deployment which fits your needs.

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