Providing Professional IT Services Across a Wide Range of Industries

Who We Help?

We help small business, Real Estate, medical practices, law offices, insurance Providers, Cannabis, Dental, Agriculture, non-profit and Construction achieve a seamless integration between technology, productivity, and creativity.

Every industry has unique needs when it comes to technology. From seamless cloud migration and Microsoft SharePoint site builds to managed cyber security services, the solutions are as varied as the people who rely on them.

If nothing else is predictable about technology, one thing is for sure – every industry needs it. Whether to function, remain competitive and move into the future, well-delivered enterprise IT solutions hold limitless potential. Not only to add value to your business, but to contribute to the industry you are part of.

At Monterey Computer Corporation, we have a strong track record of providing professional IT services across a wide range of industries. We do this by taking a personalized approach. Our skilled teams take the time to familiarize with the unique requirements of our clients’ roles and industries. We learn about their internal processes and most of all, their challenges.

It’s only then that we can gain a true understanding of which enterprise IT solutions can best solve them.
We will work with you to map a route from conception to completion within budget, achievable timelines, and the legal and regulatory demands of your sector.

How We Help


Healthcare, as we know today, has evolved, becoming much more complex than before with a greater demand on budget and risk management, patient care, managing patient visits and general communication efficiencies. Inefficient systems cost money, time, and endanger patients.

Healthcare providers need to deliver exceptional care outcomes every time, with no room for error. Lives are constantly on the line and healthcare workers require real-time data to make the right decisions, at the right time. Intuitive systems, processes and communication channels within healthcare networks are essential for improved patient outcomes.
With the clutter of multiple devices, systems, and personnel to contend with, inefficient technology can provide barriers for healthcare providers who need to quickly escalate medical emergencies or rapidly access a patient’s complete medical history.
Monterey Computer Corporation, supporting your facility with secure and interconnected technology solutions that ensure the delivery of effective healthcare outcomes. Our expertise and technology solutions provide you with an enhanced patient experience, giving richer system insights and assisting with day-to-day management, so you can focus on what you do best, providing essential and critical healthcare.


Change is constant in today’s interconnected world. Technology adoption is no longer a choice, but essentials for any legal and accounting firms to stay relevant in the market today. Days of paper-based correspondence and face-to-face client networking could be well over before we know it.

From a single location system to a comprehensive integrated network across multiple locations, Monterey Computer Corporation offers end-to-end managed I.T. solutions and business applications. Supporting legal firms in the provision of services.


The marketplace is crowded. Everywhere you go, there is more competition and there are bound to be some who want a piece of your market. If you are just another business, you will not compete well. Optimizing your business processes, enhancing communications and collaborations, and reaching out to your customers effectively and securely are the keys to success.

At Monterey Computer Corporation, we work closely with you to understand your vision and how together, we can achieve your objectives as efficiently as possible.

In the construction and engineering industries, technology has become a driver of positive change and progress. It has made processed more efficient, boosted productivity and in short, has made it easier for you to do business. Cloud and on-premises technology enable reports, data, expense details and meeting schedules to be updated and shared instantly. Throughout every stage of construction and engineering projects – from writing proposals and capturing data to sending invoices – IT services have the potential to make improvements and add value. We provided an international engineering consultancy with an integrated digital platform built on Office 365. This enabled them to connect their people, share information globally and consistently and solve key challenges in their strategy. At Monterey Computer Corporation, our skilled teams have helped construction and engineering businesses like yours modernize and move into the future with confidence.

Ever-focused on delivering their mission, it is common for non-profit organizations to take up technology at a slower pace than private-sector bodies. The need for transparency and accountability around spending, twinned with a requirement to prove return on investment, can compound this further. However, the opportunities technology can bring to non-profits are no less remarkable than in the private sector. Working with us to identify the best technology solutions for your needs and budget could usher in transformation. It could be the change your organization needs to thrive and achieve in a digitally transformed world.